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Today I will be discussing anime. Throughout the years, this genre of animation has inspired the minds of creators to visualize tales that will captivate their audience for years to come. There are many kinds of anime for different audiences such as Romance, War, Horror and Adventure. However, these are only a few categories. One anime I will be talking about is called Inuyasha. This anime is about the love between two people that are very different. One being a human and the other being a demon. The story also explores adversity, corruption  and overcoming outrageous odds. I watched this show because I had never seen a tv show that involved such opposite characters. I like this show because it conveys the message that anything is possible.    Two actors who star in this anime are Richard Ian Cox, who plays Inuyasha and Moneca Stori who plays Kagome. Here are a few fun facts about these actors. Richard is fluent in French and started acting when he was nine. He also starred in Dragon Ball Z as Spice Zaacro. Moneca performed for thousands of young children. She starred in the award-winning Free Willy Shakesphere and Dragon Ball Z.

Interview with Voice Actors Part 1 of 2
Interview with Voice Actors Part 2 of 2

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